Energy Monitoring

Management, monitoring and reporting system called Green Control System (GCS) is one of the most advanced and complex web applications. Despite its great complexity, the service is very convenient and friendly.

Our system is addressed to clients who want to manage electric vehicle charging terminals through appropriate modules as well as to electric car owners.

Main advantages of GCS are:

  • intuitive system and software
  • easy terminal browsing and booking,
  • opportunity to find a terminal belonging to other operators,
  • displays real-time information about the occupied slots
  • statistics



We ensure full infrastructure service for electric vehicles charging

Główne moduły Green Auto Control:

Main GCS modules:
1. Advertisement:

  • possibility of setting any content displayed on the terminal screen,
  • remote ads uploading,
  • ads frequency reporting.

 2. Power management module with the 'smart grid' function- a module for local operators:

  • readings of the current instantaneous power consumption for the socket, terminal and terminal groups in the region,
  • capability of loading’s pausing and resuming  by the local Distribution System Operator,
  • remote meters’ state’s readings,
  • monitoring and management of the two-way flow of V2G (Vehicle to Grid) electricity,
  • management over dynamic tariffs (Smart Grid).

3. Diagnostic module:

  • emergency end of charge,
  • periodical terminal testing,
  • technical service alerting in case of malfunction or power failure

4. Management module:

  • management of users’ accounts,
  • management of access cards and giving limits,
  • management of tariffs,

5. Reporting module:

  • Generation of reports to PDF, txt and Excel file including f. in. energy consumption by the users’ electric vehicle or a fleet of vehicles,
  • Graphical Statistics,