Electronic GPS padlock

Electronic GPS padlock – is a device committed to secure loading objects and areas in vehicles, containers, etc. Its working principle is similar to a classic mechanical padlock. The area is protected with a rope, which we thread through the lock holes, bolts or other spots securing the access to the load. The device consists of a lock (inside the housing), safety rope, electronic communication module (GPRS) and a GPS receiver.

The electronic communication module surveys the lock’s closure and gives the information via parceled GSM data transmission to the GCS server. The status of the device is given every 60 seconds and immediately in the very moment of alarm signal occurrence – sabotage (f. in. rope cutting). The module is equipped with a GPS receiver thanks to which we can track the movement of objects secured by the device. Charging of the device comes from the exterior, dedicated table charger. The charging time of one device is 6 hours.

The GPS electronic padlock can be put on a secured object with the use of four neodymium magnets placed in the device’s rear wall. If a risk of ripping the module from the metal surface occurs, it can be additionally secured with lashing straps by threading them through special fastenings on the housing.

The service is limited to battery charging and fastening the device to the monitored object. After charger disconnection, the device switches on automatically within 4 minutes and remains active until the battery is empty or the charger reconnection.  Charging disconnection and logging into the GSM network is signaled acoustically by a mounted speaker.


  • Localization of objects in Europe with GPS accuracy
  • Immediate information on unauthorized opening of loading area and other adverse events
  • Low investment costs
  • Easy, self-contained assembly
  • Battery power source
  • Compact housing (interior GSM/GPS antennae)
  • Possibility of using licensed security services


  • Containers and trailers securing
  • Monitoring of loads in dedicated transports
  • Construction equipment securing
  • Special vehicles, coolers

Product’s features:

  • Position, position or direction changing of the object and its speed on digital map of Europe
  • Messages about the route or defined vehicle’s work zone abandonment
  • Immediate informing on unauthorized opening of cargo area
  • Communication with the use of GPRS (emergency SMS)
  • Sending private SMS-es (to 2 selected numbers)
  • Flexible and durable loop
  • Battery power source
  • Information on low battery level
  • Anti-sabotage security
  • Latch lock with no key use (90-degree pin rotation)
  • Constant plug-in (until the battery’s depletion or charger connection)
  • Possibility of integration with other systems (WebService technology)

Technical specification:

  • Power supply: 3.6V 3.5 Ah (battery in housing)
  • 220 V AC charger
  • Power consumption: up to 35mA in standby mode, up to 150 mA in transmission mode
  • Battery work time: 24 hours (in temperature down to -10 centigrade)
  • Work temperature: from -20 to +55 centigrade)
  • Loop length: up to 8 metres (determined upon ordering)
  • Maximum pin and loop average: less than 8 mm
  • Bolt hole closed independently with a cover after pin removal
  • GSM antennae: interior 0dB
  • GPS antenna: interior, active

Additional accessories:

  • Loop
  • Batteries
  • Metal pocket
  • Transportation belt