Exemplary receivers

All of our products are the fruit of many years of our company’s experience. The entire system is based upon authorial technological and IT thought. Our company is the producer of all system’s components such as software, plans, vehicle drives and drive computers.

Such a setting guarantees flexible adjustment of the system to individual needs and development capability with other options as well as constant modernisation of the system both in terms of devices and software.

Company’s high technological level allowed for creating numerous ICT interfaces enabling data transfer not only in GSM/SMS/GPRS networks but also in different radio networks, both conventional and tracking (MPT1327, EDACS, TETRA).

High quality subsystems are being applied in the system’s production and that is why all the system’s elements possess proper certifications and positive efficiency opinions issued by institutions entitled in this matter. We know, from our clients’ experience, that possession of proper certifications is of decisive significance in the case of guarantee services and road accidents; they also constitute obtainment of discounts for vehicle and load insurance from the insurers. Apart from high quality of the very product, we secure professional guarantee and post-guarantee services for our clients on the basis of proper bilateral agreements. Efficiency of our systems’ operating as well as professional level of customer service are confirmed by numerous references acquired from the previous users of our systems.