SMS Transmiter

SMS Transmitter – replacing KGSM-120 – is a device, in which the GSM modem for wireless signal conveying (usually alerts) is used from object systems to the receiver or to a mobile phone number – now with Anti-Jamming function available! The information transfer is conducted with the use of SMS messages, which is the guarantee of information sending even with low GSM signal power. The solution is easy to implement and may be set to the individual needs of a customer. The SMS Transmitter device has 8 universal exterior alarm inputs and 2 interior inputs signalizing disappearance of power source and low battery voltage. Each of the inputs may be individually programmed as NC or NO. Different and defined messages can be sent in every state by the user. The reactions on state changes on the inputs are programmed.  


  • Immediate information on alert states
  • Remote management
  • Use in unavailable places even with no 230V power sourcing
  • Possibility of creating temporary installations
  • Low user costs
  • Stability and safety of the transmission


  • Monitoring of alert states in the installations, f. ex. in plumbing installations (pumps, wells)
  • Monitoring of telecommunications and power infrastructure (wire theft, sabotage, accidents)
  • Monitoring of objects and devices
  • Remote device control (CO oven, lighting)

Solution’s features:

  • Communication with the use of mobile technology (GPRS, SMS)
  • Full two-sided communication
  • Short system reaction time
  • Possibility of cooperation with exterior applications

Detailed technical specification can be found in the product’s card.