Personal GPS

Personal GPS is a modern solution available since February 2010. The system consists of technically advanced mobile terminal and a convenient –in-use WebClient application which gives access to all the desired localization functionalities to the user in real time as well as in terms of the past. The terminal sends the localization data at least once a minute. Proper application configuring allows for quick identification of deviations from defined tenets. In such situations, the application can immediately send an SMS alert on pre-defined mobile phone numbers. What is more, the functionality of SMS messages sending for chosen phone numbers after pressing two buttons on the terminal’s desktop is available as well.



  • Immediate localization
  • Access to visited spots history


  • VIPs’ protection
  • Localization and quick contact with children
  • Valuable parcels tracking and route monitoring


Service’s features:

System’s functionalities:

  • Convenient WebClient IT platform
  • Automatic messages on abandonment of a defined area
  • Detecting and swift reaction in unwanted situations
  • Buttons programming for the alert SMSs’ purpose
  • Quick emergency call
  • Possibility of using POI Information Service
  • Possibility of using GPRS Roaming

Technologically advanced and functional terminal:

  • Environmental and heavy duty dangers resistance
  • Vast work temperature scope: from -20 to +50 centigrade
  • Shock and fall resistance
  • Dust and flooding resistance, IP67 class
  • Battery energy advanced management system with the use of accelerometer
  • Long work time
  • The best GPS module available on market
  • The best GSM module available on market
  • Possibility of extension with additional functions
  • Small weight
  • Interesting design

Functionalities of the IT platform:

  • Modern WebClient application
  • Access to on-line data and history
  • Reports
  • Rules
  • Alarms
  • Corridor determining
  • Control zones
  • SMS reporting on rules releasing
  • Report export to Excel and PDF files
  • Convenient, intuitive service

Detailed technical specification can be found in the product’s card.