Safety Parcel

Safety Parcel is a program created for VB Leasing Polska SA Clients. It was invented thanks to the cooperation of VB Leasing, Keratronik and GrECo JLT Polska companies. It is a modern informing system based on GPS and GSM technologies. The program consists of a number of conveniences for the Client, increasing safety and comfort of driving. It also offers advanced tools for vehicle fleets management.

Thanks to GPS and communication console devices assembling, you receive:

Intelligent Rescue System

  • Automatic accident or collision detecting
  • Automatic connection with Accident-Theft Centre
  • Automatic position and accident visualization providing
  • S.O.S. calling, even when the driver is unconscious and cannot call for help himself
  • Possibility of inducing a call with Accident-Theft Centre – the call with the use of one button, no mobile phone involved, f. in. when you witnessed an accident
  • Automatic theft attempt detection – hauling, lifting – professional anti-theft security

Assistance 24h – support in any road problems

  • Assistance calling with the use of just one button, no mobile phone involved
  • Automatic event localization providing, even when you do not know where you are

Example uses of Assistance in Safety Parcel:

  • Vehicle improvements
  • Vehicle hauling to a selected workshop
  • Fuel delivery
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Driver and passengers transport
  • Driver and passengers quartering in hotels
  • Post-repair vehicle pickup

Detailed scope of services depends on the concluded agreement.

Concierge Service Parcel

One button, no mobile phone involved when you want to order additional services such as:

  • Personal travel navigator
  • Flower delivery to a given address
  • Tickets booking and delivering
  • Conference rooms reservation
  • Babysitting organization
  • Written and oral translations

In addition, the Clients receive:

  • Access to selected, best car workshops, offering full care over a vehicle
  • Profitable insurance system – 10% discounts on Breakdown Cover
  • Possibility of reporting damage from communication console (yellow button)
  • Vehicle Fleet Management Tool – ComboClient
  • Work in accordance with the GPS system
  • Monitoring and counting the driver’s work
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Access to many parameters of a vehicle: position, speed, fuel level, etc.
  • Clear reporting system – a well-developed alarm system