Localization module for rail vehicles

Telemetric module for rail vehicles is committed to control and management of rail vehicles. The device enables localization of vehicles on the digital map of Europe thanks to which it is easier to plan their logistic purpose.

When plugged to the controlling system, it sends information on attached board systems and emergency situations occurrence.

The device sends, at least once a minute, a parcel of data including: geographical position, speed and direction of movement, temperature (optional), fuel level and all the entrances status. A proper system configuration allows for generating warnings and alarms in case of any deviations from the assumed work schedule. The user has the access to the data in real time and to the historic data. The data access allows for optimized use of vehicles, identification and control of the train driver’s work time, vehicle control and fuel consumption control.


  • Constant monitoring of the vehicle in Europe
  • Increase of effectiveness and punctuality
  • Verification of consumed fuel
  • Identification of train drivers and work time calculation
  • Vehicle’s work time control, automatic reporting on periodic inspection
  • Malfunctions and accidents signal sending to the Monitoring Centre


  • Combustion and electric locomotives
  • Carriages
  • Trams
  • Special vehicles

Product’s features:

  • Power supply: typical for traction vehicles: 60-160V
  • Dedicated transformers from Vicor
  • Isolation of 3kV power source
  • 5 digital inputs with galvanic 3kV isolation
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Basic communication track: GPRS 10th class
  • Backup communication track: SMS
  • Vehicle’s driver identification
  • Driving type identification: button
  • Fuel flowmeters service
  • Interior reserve supply module with dedicated controller, protection from battery overloading and discharging
  • Digital thermometer service
  • Parameters sent: position, speed, direction, motor condition, temperature, driver’s identification, fuel level in the tank (optional), type of driving, entrances statuses

 Detailed technical specification can be found in the product’s card.