GCS Boat – localization and yachts safety

Green Control System Boat – is the main element of the safety supporting system for yacht users on the Great Lakes. The system has been elaborated in cooperation with the Masurian WOPR (eng. Volunteer Water Rescue Emergency Service) and Plus mobile network operator. The GCS Boat device monitors the current position of the yacht, it has a yacht rollover sensor and enables to perform voice calls. In case of life-threatening circumstances for the yacht crew, it is possible to make a voice call directly with the Masurian WOPR Emergency Station. In case of chartered yachts, the person borrowing a yacht may make a call to the charter company, f. in. in order to report a technical malfunction of the yacht from the GCS Boat.

GCS Boat surveys the yacht’s position and gives the information via parcelled GSM data transferring  to the GCS Serwer server. The device’s status is given every 60 seconds and immediately in the moment of an alarm’s occurrence (f. ex. call inducing). The module is equipped with a GPS receiver thanks to which it is possible to track the yachts in motion on the Great Lakes area. The power supply of the device takes place in the interior yacht installation, and in case of lack of power supply in the yacht installation the device is automatically switched to its own batteries’ power charging. The worktime on the uninterruptable power sourcing lasts for a minimum period of 48 hours.

The users may install additional sensors to the device (e.g. anti-theft ropes for outboard motor securing).


  • Increase of security of people using yachts on the area of the Great Lakes
  • Yacht localizing with GPS accuracy
  • Automatic information on the yacht’s rollover, along with the localization details
  • Immediate information on the localization after performing of emergency 601100100 call resulting in emergency action time reduction
  • Low investment costs
  • Compact build (interior GSM/GPS antennae)


  • Sail and motor yachts securing
  • Zone monitoring along with automatic reporting of abandonment of defined geographical zones

Product’s features:

  • Position, position or direction change of the yacht and its speed on the digital map
  • Messages on route or defined zone abandonment
  • Communication with the use of GPRS (emergency SMS).
  • Voice communication with the automatic yacht localization
  • Interior uninterruptable power supply
  • Information on low level of interior batteries
  • Anti-sabotage security
  • Possibility of integration with other systems (WebService technology)

Technical specification:

  • Power source: 3.6V 3.5 Ah (battery in housing)
  • Power supplying: directly from the yacht’s 12 V installation
  • Power consumption: up to 35mA in standby mode, up to 150mA in transmission mode
  • Uninterruptable battery worktime: minimum 48 hours (in a temperature down to -100 centigrade)
  • Work temperature: from -200 to +550 centigrade)
  • GSM antennae: interior 0dB
  • GPS antennae: interior, active

Additional accessories:

  • Batteries