Fleet management solutions

Green Control System 3.0

GCS System 3.0 is the successor of the GCS 2.6. System. Each of the system’s components - both the terminal and the IT platform have been improved.
GCS System 3.0 terminals come in two versions:

GCS 3.0 Logistics - reads and transmits all the parameters as GCS 2.6, with the CAN Expander also providing co-operation with fuel flow meters,

GCS 3.0 Logistics and ISR – ensures parameters’ reading as in the GCS 3.0 Logistics terminal and provides the ISR2 service.

In the next version of the system, which we have developed for over 10 years, GCS system maintains its leading position on the market. The use of the system delivers positive effects to our customers since the first day and the investment returns on the average of three months from the date of its implementation.

GCS system is also equipped with an anti-theft system, certified by the MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT PROTECTION PERFORMANCE EVALUATION issued by the Automotive Industry Institute.


  • Increase of the driver’s and vehicle’s efficiency
  • Optimisation of routes
  • Verification of fuel consumption and information on defects
  • Ability to obtain favorable insurance discounts
  • Improvement of drivers’, passengers’ and vehicles’ safety


  • Passenger cars and lorry fleets
  • Construction & Farm Machinery
  • Special purpose vehicles: boats, refrigerators, trailers and other

Product features

Access to the vehicle parameters

  • position
  • speed
  • driving mode switch
  • condition of the engine and ignition switch
  • fuel level in the tank
  • anti-assault button
  • ambient temperature or cargo area
  • driver's identification
  • CAN bus
  • cooperation with fuel flow meters

IT platform’s functionalities

  • modern WebClient application
  • access to on-line and historic data
  • reports
  • rules
  • alerts
  • designation of corridors
  • control zones
  • SMS notification
  • reports export to Excel and PDF files
  • convenient intuitive operation

Additional features

  • detailed digital map of Europe TeleAtlas
  • integration with other systems
  • roaming
  • Safety Monitoring Service Center

Detailed technical specification to be found in the product’s card.