Green ARS – Automatic Rescue System

Automatic Rescue System Green ARS is the second generation of ARS which has been present on the market since 2007. The system automatically sends an alert in case of an accident, specifying the location of the vehicle. Therefore, Green Safety Monitoring Centre immediately calls emergency services to the site if need be.

The alert is sent in the following cases:

  • sudden impact,
  • vehicle rollover,
  • vehicle slump.

Such accurate definition of accident occurrence conditions is possible thanks to the use of modern technologies including smart sensors system.


ARS is also equipped with an anti-theft system, certified by the MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT PROTECTION PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.

In addition, the ARS2 users are provided with the POI Voice Information Service upon paying additional fee since 2010. This service makes it possible to obtain information about points of general interest according to the geographical position of the vehicle, such as pharmacies, hospitals, banks, shops, hotels, etc.


Driver's privacy 
The system takes care of the privacy of the driver:

  • it sends location data only in the case of an accident, theft or at the request of the owner,
  • It does not send and save information on travelled routes in the system during normal use.


  • automatic accident recognition,
  • increase of drivers’ and passengers’ safety,
  • increase of vehicle’s security
  • quick help in case of emergency
  • chance to find the car in case of theft
  • ability to obtain favourable insurance discounts


  • automobiles
  • heavy goods vehicles

Product Features

  • automatic accident recognition
  • call for help upon request
  • immediate call for emergency services if needed
  • driver's privacy
  • anti-theft system
  • quick ASSISTANCE call
  • possibility of tracking the vehicle by the owner
  • possibility of using POI Voice Services Information

Detailed technical specification to be found in the product’s card.