GPS Monitor

GPS Monitor Programme facilitates vehicle’s, object’s tracking and managing in real time.

It enables to specify the position of object and display it on the map.

Software that we are offering is available in different various varying in the number of functions.

Selected primary functions of programme /accessible following functions depending on the software version purchased by user/:

  • Displaying current position, object’s speed on map and in tabular form (Manager of objects – tabular statement of data such as etc. GPS direction finding, location, speed of all objects)
  • Drafting of travelled route/colour of drafted route on map can change depending on parameters defined by user
  • Providing information concerning the current state of connected sensors
  • Displaying alarms generated by object and sound signalling of these alarms
  • Displaying alarms generated by object and sound signalling of these alarm in case of breaching the condition defined as a combination of the following events:
    • Exit or entry in the defined area
    • Exit from setpoint route
    • Speeding
    • Change in the state of selected sensor in object
    • Lack of satellite visibility
    • No communication with object longer than the time specified by the user
    • Change in object’s position by stop mode turned on
  • “Tracking” function – what causes that the map follows object selected for tracking
  • “Single polling” function – which makes it possible to display positions and data “from the last moment”
  • “Only selected objects” function – it results in showing only selected objects on the map
  • Transmission of picture from object using GPRS
  • Possibility of map scaling, searching for streets and terrain points
  • Possibility to control devices connected to GPS controller (ignition lock, horn, lights etc.)
  • Managing defined object groups
  • Selection of method and planning of transmissions of data gathered in GPS controller’s memory
  • Possibility to plot model routes, areas, terrain points on the map
  • SMS automatic notification of designated persons in the event of activation the alarm from object
  • Possibility to send any messages to object or object grups /vehicles/ provided that the vehicle is additionally equipped with terminal
  • Automatic data archiving
  • Recording of all events and activities conducted by operator (review and copy of selected events for any period)
  • Drawing up and reviewing of reports on servicing alarm events
  • User access control to selected functions of the programe
  • Object configuration:
    • Electing icons thanks to which a given object will be visualised on the map (user can define his own icons)
    • Settings concerning frequency on updating object position
    • Editing of name and object’s description which will be visible on the map
    • Description and configuration of sensors and readers connected to object