Who are we?

Green Auto Control is an operator of location services.  The integrated computer system, which we have in our offer, consists of, among others: visualisation software, accurate digital or vector maps, databases, communication systems and smart computer system. Application of such a technical solution allows us to monitor and manage fleet of vehicles in terms of logistics of almost unlimited size.

Thanks to our wide spectrum of different services, it is possible to create an offer which is fully tailored to individual needs of any user. Moreover, modern solutions which were set up to meet the needs of this system enable a quick access to the current and detailed information on this vehicle, including data concerning:

  • Electricity consumption and settlement
  • Service and online technical troubleshooting
  • Location of monitored vehicle, displayed in textual or graphic form
  • History of the monitored car and registered logistics parameters


Green Auto Control operator also guarantees:

  • Vehicle security programme encompassing anti-theft system, location in alarm mode, safe zones and corridors
  • Voice communication system – voice communication from the car with declared telephone numbers or in alarm mode – with alarm monitoring centre
  • In-car eavesdropping in the case of alarm
  • Possibility of sending GPRS or SMS text messages
  • Access to vehicle’s data: its number plates, features, distinguishing marks, logistics statements, fuel consumption, travelled distance and other.


In order to ensure efficient and comprehensive service to our clients, we launched a network of monitoring stations. Green Auto Control users are also provided with assembly and servicing on the territory of the entire country. We cooperate with the biggest providers of hardware and software which gives us the opportunity to have access to the most modern technologies available on the market and provides a guarantee of constant development, whereas our clients are equipped with unique solutions.

Equipment fitted with the most modern GPS location modules and GSM/GPRS modems enabling data transmission is the equipment applied by our company. Our users are also offered tracking and vehicle monitoring software in real time as well as software allowing to analyse and visualize data registered by GPS controller. Software suggested by us is compatible with various types of maps the wide spectrum of which we have in our offer. Software can also work with any maps provided by the client.

Our current product is a fruit of years of experience during which we implemented over 480 systems of such type. Today’s product is based on our technical  and computer concept. We also produce all of its components, including software, plans, vehicle’s controllers and on-board computers. Thanks to that, we can provide you with the possibility of flexible adjusting of the system to individual  needs, its extension to include more options and  modernization of the system – both in the fields of equipment and software. Extensive technical knowledge helped us to create various telecommunication interfaces which enable transfer of data not only in GSM/SMS/GPRS network, but also in different radio networks; conventional and trunking networks (MPT1327, EDACS, TETRA).

Apart from the high quality of the product itself we assure professional guarantee and post-gurantee services in accordance with applied bilateral agreements.